So I bought a box of corndogs

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I started weight watchers and began to develop a full work out schedule. I have found it extremely hard to resist temptations, because sometimes I am just out driving and find myself driving into the Wendy’s parking lot. It’s like I don’t even know how I got there, but I mean if I’m there I might as well get some fries! While these decisions may not be the ones I need to make to fulfill my weight loss goals, but I look at these times of weakness as a way to reflect. Some days I just crave the fried amazingness, and other days I use food to make me feel better about life.

The past few times I have been to the grocery store I walked past the frozen section and I swear the corn dogs were there in the case glowing at me. I haven’t had a corn dog in years, so the idea of caving didn’t feel as bad. Honestly after eating my cheat food, I realized that it really wasn’t that great. You have this idea in your mind that its going to be the best thing ever when in reality it’s not. Kinda glad I bought them so I can stop looking at the box in the freezer like it’s shinning from the heavens.

I guess the whole post of this point was to discover the realization that while every weight/healthy lifestyle journey has bumps in the road but that’s okay! I need to be proud for trying to keep up with the workouts and the weight watchers. Grad school starts in July so I still have time to practice my resistance against the glorious fried foods of death doesn’t really make sense but you guys understand! Right now I am just trying to navigate the lonely world of the post-grad life 🙂