Under 21 until 3/2/2016

I recently decided it was time to clean out my wallet, because god knows I have receipts in there from the day I was born. As I was taking everything out and organizing, I found all my old drivers licenses and school ID’s, and oh my gosh was it the biggest trip down memory lane. For some odd reason I didn’t want to throw away my very first license so I just kept putting my new ids over the expired ones. In 2011 I obtained my first drivers license, and let me tell you the picture is not that pretty. My hair is all out of sorts and I clearly did not understand where my eyelash line was because my eye liner is going 15 different directions. The same day that I became an official driver was the same day my school was having their homecoming. I was so excited to drive that I raced down the road and met my friend in the parking lot, so we could go and have some fun. Well of course my stupid ass turns the car off and I can’t figure out why the key will not come out, only to find out I never actually put the car in park. Looking back at that period of life, I realize how innocent I really was.

My next id was my official college id issued from Temple University. The way temple set up their id cards was that you could submit a photo and they would use that on your id card. Well I was so excited to look super cute and have an amazing photo that I literally made my best friend Emily come to my house, do my hair, and take the picture. I felt like this was the new beginning of my life, because I was a mega loser in high school- not much has changed tbh- but I wanted to be this new person in college. Even writing this I see how stupid my thought process was. College was this amazing time to prosper and learn, and to make some of the dumbest decisions in history. The first official college id was like the gateway to the heavens and this world of no parents and no curfews.

The second to last id that I found in my wallet was my renewed drivers license. I remember being so annoyed because my id expired a year before my 21st birthday, so I’m now stuck with this vertical license instead of having the normal horizontal license- I know first world problems right? The picture turned out decent but my signature looks like a toddler was given a crayon and a piece of paper and was told to go to town. To this day I have not perfected the official signature, like I am positive I never actually spell my name correctly, which is terribly embarrassing.

My last and final id in my wallet was actually just placed there a few days ago. I recently received my graduate school id, and the reality of life is hitting me smack in the face. I had to move my Temple id to the back, which I will be keeping because campus just got a chick fila and I am totally going back just for that. This new id is like a new beginning, which sounds so corny I know, but seriously it is. My few months of summer is coming to a close, and it is time to get back to reality. Grad school is coming……………..ok yeah that was dramatic.

While you may be thinking what in the hell did I just read? Did she really just write an entire post about ids? Well yes, yes I did. Looking back at the past is not always easy, but is completely therapeutic in the way of growth. I was able to pinpoint emotions that I had in those time periods, and really analyze my thoughts and actions. I have become a completely different person from that girl plastered on the juniors drivers license. I have experienced things that I never would have imagined at that age, and each year the past shows more and more in each picture. My graduate school id is like a new beginning for me. I graduated, got a degree, got broken up with (LOL), moved into a new apartment, and is now starting a new school. It may seem stupid, but I encourage you all to look at your old ids that contain hundreds of memories, and see how far you have come from that first driver license or college id, to present day. Life will always be a long and wild road of ups and downs, but the journey is priceless.


When you finally realize you’re old…

Today I was driving to my oh so fun work out (not) and I ended up driving past a local high school. As I approached I saw all the high school seniors practicing for graduation, which is basically practicing how to stay in a straight line and walk. Little does that high school senior know, for college graduation they just shuffle you into a line and give the announcer a card with your name on it when you go up to walk across the stage. God I remember exactly the day we had graduation prep four years ago-ew I know I don’t know where the time went and it was honestly so boring, but exciting all at the same time because we were finally leaving the confines of the self labeled prison. I mean everyone says I want to go back to college and redo it, but duhhhhh I mean honestly who wouldn’t want to go back in time when your could drink all day and night and still be able to recover the next morning for a well deserved brunch. Jesus, now a days one sip of alcohol has me going down the tubes of oblivion. I am not one to be super nostalgic about life events but when I saw those kids about to start one of the most fulfilling journeys life can offer you, I was able to reflect on the past four years of my undergrad lifestyle and believe me not all of it was pretty. While some of the events that happened throughout the four years make me cringe with embarrassment because yes I did a lot of embarrassing things my first two years of college, it is always important to remember that everything that happened is a life lesson. I mean I’m still learning that, but it sounds nice right? Nothing in life is perfect or goes the way we all imagine it but I can say that I have met some pretty fantastic people along the way, and of course those who you can’t stand but that’s life. College is a time to work hard and play harder! Haha just kidding I legit stayed in like every weekend watching say yes to the dress. Since the impending doom of grad school is upon me I have been super sappy recently about my last year as an undergrad because lets face it grad school just isn’t the same 😦